Test Strategy, Preparation and Execution

For software testing to really reduce your business risk, you need people who understand your industry, systems and tools. Scenarios and test cases have to be realistic to be successful.3MEX works with you to construct meaningful business scenarios reflecting the reality of the banking and financial environment, and provides full test lifecycle support from planning, preparation and documentation, to final test execution.

Test Automation

We implement effective, benefit-driven test automation for our clients and have a proven track record of achieving significantly shorter test cycles and increased test coverage. This allows you to be more agile with test releases and save valuable time.

Test Centres and Test Teams

3MEX establishes Test Centres and teams, which for our clients mean a comprehensive and robust solution with a high level of standardisation. We keep your costs down by efficiently using resources, optimised testing, and testware through the 3MEX cross-project approach.

Strategic Test Consultancy

We are proud of our reputation for being client-focused and pragmatic. Our strategic test consultants will work with your project or team to address any immediate testing challenge, or support you in your longer-term objectives by implementing it assurance best practice, process, tools and methods to help your organisation move up the software quality maturity curve.

Our expertise in your third party financial
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In today’s business world, the new norm is one where users are demanding increased levels of change, new features, new services, new revenue streams supported by an IT environment that is stable and free from any operational or system interruptions. We can help you stay on track and reap real benefits with our comprehensive range of DevOps services.


Our experience and expertise can help you bring about the necessary organisational, structural and cultural changes in implementing DevOps. We can support you at all stages of your DevOps journey including assessment, tool selection, automation, implementation and specialist DevOps staffing.

Environment Build and Configuration Management.

In a complex environment, good configuration management is fundamental to ensure complete control during build and maintenance. Our skills and experience allow you to enter the testing phase with confidence, knowing that the environment has an accurate control point to compare results against and promote reuse.

Environment Maintenance and Control

For consistency and stability, environments and software need to be consistently upgraded and the underlying data needs to be managed. We recommend that Environment Maintenance continues throughout the full development, test and production lifecycle of your system for consistent results.

Environment Strategy, Design and Virtualisation

Planning and designing your environment so it is right the first time can save you time, money and stress, getting your system live with minimum downtime. We can produce a technical design analysis to ensure your environment is sized and designed in the most cost-effective way to include virtualisation.

As your organisation grows, so will the number of your global business streams. 3MEX draws on our broad domain knowledge and skilled resource to ensure all your systems work in harmony and you can swiftly respond to business changes.

Requirements Collation and Management

We know that, no matter how reliable your project development and test environments are, if the requirements captured in the first place are inaccurate or incomplete, then the project is destined to fail. To manage this risk our BA experts apply a structured approach to requirements collation and management, so that all your stakeholders can be confident that requirements are understood and incorporated into the management project plan.

Business and User Acceptance Testing

To ensure the business needs are met, the business requirements driving the project have to be crystal clear. Structured requirements describe exactly how the system needs to behave, giving the perfect initial baseline for test plan development and documentation. Our 3MEX BA and test personnel can improve quality and ensure the final product fits with your original and expected business goals.

Business-specific skills

We have been working in the banking and financial area since 1999. We understand your industry as few can. 3MEX attracts key practitioners in their specialist discipline and our commitment to professional development ensures our consultants remain at the leading edge of both software technology and banking and financial services, systems and products.

When you need to get the right resource to run your banking and financial IT assurance project – to bolster your existing team or lead from the front – talk to us.

Project governance and control

Project Governance in IT Assurance means specific skills, in-depth industry understanding, and significant management of people, process and technology, all backed with transparent communication and disciplined information flow. We can provide you with the platform and people to ensure the success of your IT Assurance project.

Project-specific staffing

3MEX consultants include expert project managers in the banking and financial area and have been placed with our client organisations in London, Chicago, New York and Paris. Our specialist project talent includes the skillsets of project managers, programme test managers and global heads of testing. You can also count on our offshore partners for instant scalability of human resources

Offshore testing resource can prove efficient and cost effective, if it is tightly and knowledgably managed. 3MEX can plug into our global partner at the backend, while maintaining the standard front end physically in your offices. That way, the crucial elements of project and quality management are under our control with a hands-on client interface.

Offshore testing like it’s onsite

Each 3MEX Offshore project is headed by our 3MEX consultants onsite at your offices, complemented by our partners working from offshore test facilities. Whether onshore or offshore, every 3MEX consultant has extensive experience in banking and financial IT assurance and delivers to your project as one team. We can quickly scale capacity to meet the needs of your business.

The cost advantage

Our partnership offers you the well-known benefits of price arbitrage, without the risk. Our onsite 3MEX consultants are based in your offices, wherever you are located globally, securely connected to our partner’s offshore testing facility.

While digital innovation allows banks to provide fast, secure and reliable access to customers, it presents fresh challenges. Mobile testing is different from other types of IT testing in multiple ways; including understanding physical characteristics of varied devices and their operating systems, the end customer profile, network and location.

3MEX partner Maveric has developed a platform-led testing solution for the mobile channel which provides a platform for end-to-end integrated testing across the functionality, compatibility, localization, user interface and configuration of an application. This solution can give 3MEX clients maximum digital test coverage with minimal infrastructure cost.

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